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Saturday 5th October 2024

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The Countdown is on...



Welcome to The Dance Awards NI, an esteemed ceremony poised to recognise and honour the exceptional contributions of Northern Ireland's dance community. Set against the backdrop of glamour at the Culloden Hotel on October 5th, we proudly present the inaugural Dance Awards NI, marking a significant milestone in celebrating the brilliance of dance.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for dance, our journey began with a vision to establish a distinguished platform that applauds excellence and dedication within the industry. As former dancers ourselves, we recognised the need for a singular, prestigious event that acknowledges the remarkable achievements of the past year. As pioneers in N. Ireland's dance scene, the Dance Awards NI stand as a beacon of excellence, reflecting the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm of our vibrant dance community. Whether you're a dance school, studio owner, teacher, choreographer, dancer,  artist, volunteer, feis, festival, or competition organiser, our awards offer a unique opportunity to bask in the spotlight and receive well-deserved recognition.

Looking ahead, our mission extends beyond celebration; we aspire to foster creativity, diversity, innovation, and excellence through ongoing support, education, and leadership within the dance community.

With a steadfast dedication to our cause, we pledge to elevate The Dance Awards into the definitive dance event of our era. Join us as we applaud the finest talents and tireless efforts that fuel Northern Ireland's dance landscape. Together, let's honour the individuals and organisations whose passion and dedication inspire us all.


Catherine Hughes



Danielle Hughes Quinn




Award Categories

Special recognition

  • Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Dance for Wellbeing Award

  • Choreographer of the Year

  • Dance Teacher of the Year

  • Dance Assistant of the Year 

  • Dance Parent Award 

  • Dance Costume Designer Award 

  • Dance in Education Award

  • Community Engagement Dance Award

  • Dance Photographer of the Year

  • Lifetime Achievement Award (teaching 25+ years) 


  • County Antrim Dance School of the Year

  • County Armagh Dance School of the Year

  • County Derry/Londonderry Dance School of the Year

  • County Down Dance School of the Year

  • County Fermanagh Dance School of the Year

  • County Tyrone Dance School of the Year

  • Top Performing Dance School in Individual Dance Styles: Jazz, Irish, Line, Highland Dancing, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Salsa, Aerial Dance, Swing, Breakdance, Tap, Hiphop, Cheerleading, Acro, Contemporary, Ballet, Aerobic, Lyrical, Freestyle or Traditional Dance from your culture.

event AWARDS

  • Event of the Year Dance Competition

  • Event of the Year Feis

  • Event of the Year Festival

  • Event of the Year Project 

DANCER of the year 

  • Aged 9 and Under

  • Aged 13 and Under

  • Aged 17 and Under

  • Aged 18 and Over

Education AWARDS

  • Primary School of the Year Dance Award

  • Secondary School of the Year Dance Award

  • University/College of the Year Dance Award




If you have any questions or queries please let us know and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Thank You for Contacting Us!

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